VOGUE ITALIA, ça va encore ?

... two remarks: number one, I find it rather surprising that the fashion blogosphere, which claims to stand for independent and unbiased journalism or at lest, expression of subjective opinions, remains rather quiet regarding the scandal that was caused by Mr Galliano some days ago and culminated with him being sacked by Dior today. But okay. Number two, I fail to understand what goes on in the heads of some online editors at Italian Vogue for who the bottomline of this affair reads as follows: ... "all there may be behind this scandal are some parvenus that represent a journalism avid for scandals and who eagerly recorded a three-minute-video which they could then sell to the media"... Sorry people, but if this is all you can recollect from what was going on, I really don't see where you stand, ideologically, intellectually even. THIS IS NOT A CASE OF MEDIA CRITIQUE, you know ... anche in italiano perché davvero non riesco a capire come mai è possibile che la redazione di Vogue Italia online possa trovare un altro, forse il "vero" scandalo dietro quello che è appena accaduto a Parigi, bestemmiando contro loro che hanno venduto il video che abbiamo visto tutti al giornale inglese THE SUN (citazione): ... "dietro a questo scandalo forse non ci sono altro che parvenu del giornalismo scandalistico che, a nostro avviso, non aspettavano altro che avere tre minuti di video da vendere a qualcuno"... Ma sapete una cosa, io sì lo penso che dietro a questo scandalo ci fosse altra cosa, cioè JOHN GALLIANO in persona; mi dispiace ... je dois dire que j'ai été fort étonné par l'opinion exprimée par l'équipe de Vogue Italia online dans un commentaire publié sur le site du magazine dans lequel on constate que derrière le scandale dans lequel s'est vu impliqué Mr Galliano ces derniers jours il n'y aurait que quelques individus éhontés prêts à vendre trois minutes de video aux médias. Eh ben, moi, par contre, je vous dis que "dietro a questo scandalo" il n'y avait que le comportement et la prise de parole de John Galliano en personne. Ça va encore, Vogue Italia ? ...

FOOTNOTE: why I set out to write this little note was that yesterday, the original text of this comment (which has since been removed/extended) read that VOGUE ITALIA actually considered this video as a proof for Mr Galliano's innocence (!), given that he was "obviously provoked" by those filming him and that therefore (?) it was more or less understandable that he should have reacted to them in such a harsh tone... uhu? what kind of opinion is that?

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