... today, and rather exceptionally, a party people nightcrawling tip for ParisVienne-aficionad@s ...

I recently attended a friend's birthday party, and since she may well be called one of Vienna's rising theatre stars, an awful lot of actors, artists and performers were present.

Now, at midnight, a very, very impressive music trio rocked the mini-stage that was erected for the occasion - THE BANDALOOP.

Ever since, I have tried to find out more about them and by mere coincidence found out that they will actually perform live on September 17 at OST Club in Vienna (a venue which I'm not particularly fond of, but for THE BANDALOOP, I'm ready to sacrifice myself ...).

So, I truly truly hope that this "secret" tip isn't going to remain one for long, as these people really deserve to SHAKE 'EM ALL. And probably more so than one or two of Vienna's currently hip and trendy music combos.

So, do me a favour and SPREAD THE WORD, will ya ? ...



... a must-see for every Stockholm-based reader of ParisVienne (indeed, are there any?) from now until October 3.

Wonderful new works by Austrian-born Nina Gorfer and Sarah Cooper from the USA, who are the creators of true graphic marvels as the two co-founders of Göteborg-based Studio Seek.

As Cooper & Gorfer, the two currently have a solo exhibition at Stockholm-based Christian Larsen gallery, where they present visuals from their Kyrgyzstan and Qatar travel books bearing the title "Under Nomadic Surfaces".

I have been for a long time and am still a great fan of their work. As a matter of fact, I am very happy that they agreed to contribute some outstanding artwork to faq magazine # 04.

So, all there remains to say is - another great job, Nina and Sarah. Och tack så mycket för det mer än fint arbetet ...



... what can I tell you about the journey on which I recently embarked and which took me to the most improbable place that is North Korea. Countless things, or nothing at all?

As befits a country that is most inaccessible, totally self-mystifying, imprevisible and, after all, a totalitarian regime, tourism in North Korea can only be referred to as tourism of the other kind.

Anyhow, as a tourist, there's only a handfull of hotels where you are liable of being accomodated, one of them is Pyongyang's Yanggakdo Hotel.

Located on Yanggak island in the middle of Taedong river, this huge hotel is just about as convenient as it can get in DPRK (for tourists, needless to say). Shampoo, conditioner and bath foam included ...


VIENNA, now available IN VELCRO

... that's the nice thing about fashion (for women): summer is about to end, but we're already en route to the presentations of spring fashion collections. So, as one of the most important ones, Vienna Fashion Week will again compete with (and win against, no doubt about that) Milan this September.

Wonderful news (I was just clicking through and cleaning up my email accounts after two weeks of non-connecté-tude): Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (uhm) will open this year's edition (the second to date) of MQVFW ...

... and indeed, what a clever move of the organisers to invite her: remember Brüno's catwalk appearance in velcro? På svenska, här...

Brüno - Austria - catwalk - Agatha Ruiz de la Prada ... no comment needed. It's all there, really...



... I'm about to take one, *jusqu'à la rentrée - bon été* !

Possible vacation activity: visit the YSL exhibition in the Petit Palais, Paris (remains open through Aug 29) if you haven't already (which I suppose) - and marvel at the YSL portrait by Andy Warhol. Apart from the YSL in the nude photographs, of course ...



... and no, I'm (incidentally and for *once*) NOT talking about bubbly as in champagne, THIS is about Pierre Cardin's wonderful wonderful and MER-VEIL-LEUX Palais Bulles in the South of France.

I had a bit of an exchange with Carmen from m.e.t.r.o.n.o.m. regarding this oh so bubbly villa recently - and really, this is a place I'd love to visit one day. Maybe even upon invitation by Monsieur Cardin himself, who knows (hope is the last to die, is what I always say).

The last time I was in Paris I was walking around near the Elysée Palace, and sure enough came by the very generous (but closed) espace Pierre Cardin. Very nice indeed. And we all love Mr Cardin's extensive work, don't we.

A book published by Assouline, by the way, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the French maison ...

... gives great great insight into "60 Years of Innovation". Futuristically fantastic ...