... a must-see for every Stockholm-based reader of ParisVienne (indeed, are there any?) from now until October 3.

Wonderful new works by Austrian-born Nina Gorfer and Sarah Cooper from the USA, who are the creators of true graphic marvels as the two co-founders of Göteborg-based Studio Seek.

As Cooper & Gorfer, the two currently have a solo exhibition at Stockholm-based Christian Larsen gallery, where they present visuals from their Kyrgyzstan and Qatar travel books bearing the title "Under Nomadic Surfaces".

I have been for a long time and am still a great fan of their work. As a matter of fact, I am very happy that they agreed to contribute some outstanding artwork to faq magazine # 04.

So, all there remains to say is - another great job, Nina and Sarah. Och tack så mycket för det mer än fint arbetet ...

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