hi-tec panty pad

... while I was wondering, upon Michaela's very amiable invitation, whether 2010 will be the year for online publications to finally come up with reliable models of making users contribute financially to the contents they provide, Mr Jobs' recently introduced and "potentially game-changing gadget" (Steve Lohr/NY Times) may well be the answer to this vague musing of mine.

Anyhow, it doesn't come as a surprise that publications such as the NY Times happily and all too eagerly welcome the presentation of the hi-tec panty pad (see here for a "slogan showdown" that juxtaposes the hygienic and the technological iPad), as they were actually invited to participate in the development of this new techno tool.

It does remind me of a very up-to-date variant of the traditional pocket-size slate, in a way. Curious to see whether lucrative promises will be kept...

Brazilian household goods for your Sunday cleaning

... one could almost leave this one without comment. Am I mistaken or is it just plain unthinkable that such a product would make it onto the shelves of any Austrian, German, indeed Europen supermarket? And let me tell you, "Zulu" fills meters and meters of shelves in Brazil. Paese che vai, usanza che trovi? ...


"My Favourite Dress", not my favourite

... I must say that I am rather disappointed by the recently launched book My Favourite Dress despite all the critical acclaim it received...

... for most of the fashion designers invited to participate did not find it in their heart to talk about any favourite dresses but their own creations.

Deacon likes Deacon

How dull...


Edwina's wrap-around dress

... when rummaging through my closet the other day in a post-vacational flick of wanting to sort things out, I came across this wonderful version of a wrap-around dress created by Edwina Hörl which she gave me when I met her in Tokyo last spring.

The roll of printed toilet paper is wrapped in a sheet detailing how to create the perfect paper dress.

Such a perfect way of bestowing life upon Edwina's never-ending reflection upon fashion archives and ways of reusing existing material...


a literaure loving family

... après la maman, la fille...

São Paulo vs Paris, rapazes duríssimos...

Alexandre Herchcovitch SPFW fall 10, (c) Fotosite Agency

... the bad bad skeleton guy conjured up by Brazilian fashion guru Alexandre Herchcovitch in his fall 2010 collection (sent out on the runway a week ago - only that "fall 2010" is about to start in South America, I wonder where that leaves a margin for production and distribution...) vs. a muscle-shirt created by Monsieur Gaultier to fit his boxing mood...

Jean-Paul Gaultier fall 10, via gq.com


a sophisticated LV joke?

... the ultra sophisticated (read: dull) LV menswear collection for fall 2010 was created to rest on the cornerstone of a Wiener Werkstätte-inspiration.

I can resist anything but temptation, Christian Schoeler, 2009 via artnet.de

To top things off, according to Suzy M., German artist Christian Schoeler was invited by Paul Helbers to paint over some bag models and thereby referency the "customised bags of art students". Sorry, what was that again?

Isn't this yet another pseudo gag that all too easily copies and decontextualizes what would and could be truly creative only to convert it into some kind of faux favela chic? Just remember, some seasons ago...


... I love this, totally. Ute Ploier fall 2010 rocks. My only problem: this look ain't nothing for short people. So I'll probably just stick to the wrap-around scarf...


Rio Fashion Week on the Sugar Loaf

... I must admit that it was a mere coincidence, as some kind of fashion event took place on the absolutely awesome Sugar Loaf during Rio Fashion Week just the very evening I had gone up there to take a good look at this absolutely fantastic city.

So here you go with some kind of photographic mise en abyme, as a French literary scholar would say, the photographer photographing the photographer/model, who photographs another model. How endlessly circular...

TS chez RO ?

Rick Owens fall 2010 via gq.com

... kind of a Tilda Swinton moment I seemed to spot at the Rick Owens show...


the most stylish band in town

... BACK FROM BRASIL and thrilled to see that Viennese life hasn't stopped, so many news, and good news indeed.

For example, the without a doubt most stylish boyband in town is LA BOY L'ART (the artists formerly known as Fratelli Ramoreo, if I'm not mistaken) and the fabulous guys have contributed to the latest issue of Landjaeger magazine with their AWESOME NEW TITLE "Schmalz". STARDOM GUARANTEED...

La Boy L'Art - Schmalz by landjaeger-magazin



Playmobil, I Heart

... I'm actually already gone and this is not "real time" blogging at all, but I came across this beautiful exhibition in Paris recently (not yet been there), after reading an article about the success of Lego and Playmobil, which both went back to their roots of selling no-joke real toys and did very well with that, I think that a visit to the Arts décoratifs could be worthwhile...


analogue times

a typewriter, a mechanical watch, a fountain pen, and a pencil, some notebooks

... call me crazy, but upon closer inspection, I even thought that 2010 could be about GOING ANALOGUE (AGAIN)... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......