... there can be no doubt about the fact that leading your life as a figure of public interest and in the limelight of the media must put you under enormous pressure. This circumstance, however, comes nowhere near explaining or apologizing for John Galliano's behaviour these past few days. And FULL STOP.

He was drunk? He was provoked? He was alone? He had a cold? He had a headache? He had lost his purse? He had left his key at home? He wanted a different life? SO WHAT.

When I'm drunk I don't start yelling things that I would never think or say or feel when I'm not drunk. Things may become more extreme, but they don't appear out of nowhere. As a consequence, what Galliano is reported to have said and, worse, what he said in the video that was published today for everyone to see, obviously didn't come from nowhere either.

And that's more than a valid reason for him being suspended from his duties at Dior. One year ago, Lee Alexander McQueen couldn't take the pressure any longer and sadly disappeared from this world. Some days ago, Galliano inflicted a similar fate on himself. A tragic way to end a talented designer's career. But an end it must be ...