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... just in: since the fashion duo __fabrics interseason will not renew their contract as fashion professors at Vienna's Hetzendorf institute, autumn 2011 will see a new creative director of the fashion bachelor course. This Friday, April 1, public hearings will take place, and the candidates are as follows:

10 am - Helga Schania (Wendy & Jim)
10.45 am - Ute Ploier
11.30 am - Edwina Hörl
12.15 pm - Anna Aichinger
13.00 pm - Andreas Bergbaur

This is of course a very attractive list of highly qualified candidates, with more or less teaching experience to date. Most remarkable, I find, is the (re)appearance of Mr Bergbaur on the Vienna fashion parquet, since he currently works at Jil Sander marketing and used to work at the University of Applied Arts as Raf Simons' assistant ...

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blica a dit…

na, schau mal einer an! ach wie schade, dass ich dann nicht da bin:(

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