JOINED forces

image courtesy of Anne Valérie Hash

... since I truly and honestly consider MICHAELA BUERGER to be one of the finest fashion designers of her generation equipped with an outstanding talent to identify her skills and the wishes of her potential customer (and that's unfortunately something many others all too easily shrug off when it comes to creating fashion), I am very happy to be able to announce that her collaboration with ANNE VALERIE HASH entitled HAND IN HAND which I already talked about at an earlier point continues in the fall 2011 collection of Anne Valérie, and this time a piece created by Michaela, who specialises in knitwear of the finest sort, even made it onto the runway (the cardigan you see above), and that's something I'd like to congratulate Michaela on - I'm sure that we are going to see more from her in the future ... je vous ai déjà parlé de Michaela Buerger, la jeune Autrichienne basée à Paris et qui a un talent tout à fait remarquable de se concentrer sur l'essentiel et d'identifier ses atouts et les désirs d'une potentielle clientèle, ainsi que de sa collaboration avec la griffe parisienne Anne Valérie Hash. Ensemble, les deux créent la collection HAND IN HAND, et la veste que vous voyez au-dessus appartient à cette collection-là. Le projet continue donc, et c'est merveilleux car je suis convaincu que nous allons entendre parler de Michaela à l'avenir ... vi ho già parlato della collezione HAND IN HAND creata da MICHAELA BUERGER, stilista austriaca che vive a Parigi, insieme alla parigina ANNE VALERIE HASH, e sono molto contento di potervi annunciare che questo bel progetto continua anche nell'inverno 2011. Felicitazioni a Michaela, bravissima, d'altronde sono sicuro che il suo nome è uno da ritenere assolutamente per il futuro ...

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