SWEET occasion

... I just found out about the ebay-auction of UNIQUE PEZ DISPENSERS modelled after the royal finacés William and Kate - stunning! Whoever would like to be presented with their legendary Pez candy (after all, Pez is an Austrian product, and a world famous one too - ah, and I just found out, they've even got a corporate blog!!!) by Kate Middleton and Prince William, you have got until 2 pm BST tomorrow afternoon to bid for the dispensers (the auction will benefit Startlight's Children Foundation). The last time I looked, 8,000 GBP was the highest bid. Sweet'n'royal ...

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Ute@HungryinLondon a dit…

Ohhh isn't that so cute! It is awful here, SO MUCH ROYAL WEDDING!!! This discourages the most hardened romantic (and I am not one of them anyway).