ALPINE FASHION IDYLL - complete with cow

... well, the fantasy of marketing people has no limits where it comes to potentially fruitful (?) collaborations. "I hope they pay her a *lot* of money", was all I had on my mind when I found out today that Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek (generally recognized for her edgy approach of traditional Austrian costume aka "dirndl") accepted to blog "live" for the Austrian dairy product specialist (think: cream cheese) Alma.

Lena was sent up to the "Schöner Mann" (handsome guy) mountain pasture, where she will remain until August 1st and blog cheesy (haha!) things. I mean, what will she be able to tell us? Where the inspiration for her next collection will come from?? *Not*

To my great surprise, Blog.Alma.at must have existed for quite some time already. 467 people actually like it on Facebook. Yes, that's correct. Like. On Facebook.

all images: courtesy of Alma, © Dietmar Mathis

So I guess that we're all eagerly waiting for Lena's first Alma blog post - and pray that for further photo material, she won't have to "bite the milk" (or whatever that ghastly white thing is she has to drag from the wooden barrel with her bare teeth).

A bit too much "posing", for my taste. But I like the cow ...

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Ute@HungryinLondon a dit…

Uhhh that's bad. her blog is - well ehmmm - let's say not a competition to yours, ok? and I agree, there must be A LOT of money involved here...