... toujours à Londres... Walking through Shoreditch (what else? where else?) the other day, my attention was drawn to this exceptional façade (and I mean, exceptional even for Shoreditch) - an installation or decoration or whatever you want to call it realised to accompany the event FUTURISING that took place on June 29 - 30 in these premises.

Futurising was organised by the University of the Arts in London as a two days creative industries recruitment and opportunities festival with the optimistic overall motto: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Countless speeches and one-on-one meetings were organised for creative heads from all disciplines.

I happened to arrive when Stephanie Finnan from "The Fashion Careers Clinic" just talked to a bunch of up-and-coming designers about strategies of entering the job market and tackling job interviews in a successful way.

From "don't forget to check how you get to your interview on time" via "don't forget to smile and shake hands" to "conduct extensive research and know who you'll be talking to, and about what", Stephanie mentioned all kinds of interesting aspects. Interesting and useful for newcomers and young people at the beginning of their career.

This kind of preparation, however, only makes sense in a fashion scene of notable size, meaning, for example, that in Austria for designers who set up their own label - well, they probably won't have to bother themselves with this kind of additonal info. And that's a pity, in a way, I find ...

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