... in Milan recently - and I wanted to post this earlier, but didn't have the time, or forgot, or whatever - for the menswear presentations, and as I was taking a little lunchbreak before the Burberry show on Corso Venezia, in the parco di whatever, it started to rain. Rain very heavily. What with the autumn weather in Milan, really pitiful, wasn't too surprising.

Anyhow, somehow with Burberry waiting for you, a little rain does do the trick and gets you in the right mood for UK-style outerwear. Even though what Christopher Bailey really did was to reach out to the thrift store clientele in order to bring the heavy consumers of 2nd hand trenchcoats home by offering them another thrift store classic: the biker jacket. Yes indeed.

Talking about Burberry s/s 11, wasn't everybody really convinced that like, no more studs and beads and blah? No? Yes? Anyhow, Burberry was chic and trendy, and that's all you need (when you've got a handful of super chic testimonials on hand). But what I really wanted to talk about (me and my digressive mind, always) was the fact that when it started raining, I quickly abandoned my panino and fled into the Museo civico di storia naturale del comune di Milano where I was of course the only adult not accompanied by a bunch of children. And before I mounted the elevator and had a coffee in the impressively well hidden cafeteria underneath the not so translucent (dirty? scratched?) glass roof, I had a bit of a McQueen moment, I must say. So much of a McQueen moment that I forgot to check what kind of animal this may have been. A giant turtle? A phantasy creature? Anyhow, totally the impossible high-heels from McQueen's Atlantis collection, don't you agree? ...

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