... just wondering, recently: is it me, is it selective perception, is it all about coincidence - or is Napoleon really quite present these days, and especially from a fashion perspective.

Fact is, one exhibition recently opened in Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace to shed light on or stage and show dresses from the wedding of Napoleon and Marie Louise of Austria (no need to hurry: remains open until Dec. 31).

And, by far more interesting, at least that's what I find, on the grounds of the Triennale in Milan, the exhibition "Napoleone e l'impero della moda" contextualizes fashion from the Napoleonic era and gives it a wider, well, context. I'd have loved to go there when I was in Milan but couldn't cos the only day I might have made it was Monday, and Monday sono chiusi i musei. I got to see a nice (even if a bit lengthy) Zegna show instead (remains open until Sept. 12).

Ah, and some days ago, in London, I ran into this huge Napoleonic poster - and I must say, even though he was crazy and despotic and a megalomaniac, he can't have been unwitty ...

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