... just briefly before visiting Tate Modern in London some days ago, I had spotted an article about an inflatable, 100 % mobile pavilion in a magazine or a newspaper, can't remember, and all of a sudden, in Tate Modern's wonderful Turbine Hall, there it was - ROSY, the 2010 Portavilion designed by the Berlin-based art/architecture collective raumlaborberlin.

I have already and quite extensively commented on my fascination for and perception of the per se temporary, futile, "on the run" nature of the pavilion.

The origins of the word "pavilion" go back to the French term "papillon" - butterfly. Now it's here, but a second later it may have spread its wings and be gone.

Now, the Portavilion concept, launched by UP Projects in 2008 and curated by Emma Underhill, really respects this futile nature by commissioning temporary venues for a colourful summer entertainment programme (a map and schedule is online here).

The Portavilion ROSY, through its inflatable nature, is so mobile and transportable that it really incarnates a quite ideal form of pavilion.

the interior of Jean Nouvel's pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery pavilion series,
via serpentinegallery.org, © Jean Nouvel

That said, when I was there, London was eagerly awaiting the inauguration of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2010 (takes place on July 10), designed by Jean Nouvel. A temporary construction, too, which comes complete with table-tennis tables and benches. These Londoners really are an assiduous and clever bunch of park-goers and city users ...

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