... goodness me - at the publication rhythm I currently pursue on this blog, it would well have taken me until Christmas to publish these images. Anyhow, I'm horrified since I have to realise that the exhibition already closed!

I'm talking about another Milanese high culture trip, to Fondazione Trussardi to be exact, where (until July 4, alas!) the first ever Paul McCarthy solo show in Italy entitled "Pig Island" was open to the public.

Needless to say that Mr McCarthy's controversial anal pig orgies and gory videos caused a lot of uproar in Italy. But then again, in Italy and elsewhere, provocative art of this kind will always trigger reactions of various sorts.

I particularly liked his (inflatable) ketchup bottle - an example of McCarthy's witty approach of generously dimensioned "public sculptures". Popping up in the Fondazione's interior court, the bottle was more than just an eye-catcher ...

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