N - E - W

... lazy and unmotivated, actually, but still - fiddling around with the colours and header of the blog iso getting on with my PhD (very clever) - is it the heat?

Anyhow, thanks to CLAUDIA who brought up this whole YSL fragrance inspired Paris-V-ienne idea. I'm just implementing ...

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HungryinLondon a dit…

So that is very pretty indeed! White background is better to read and love the new title. only thing - if you don't know it's supposed to be a 'v', it is not quite clear I think.
I am not working on my thesis either by the way :)

daniel_k a dit…

Thank you very much - and since I very much appreciate your qualities as a food critic, I took your feedback very seriously and gave my calligraphy skills another try.

And shall now endeavour to write ONE f*** page of my f*** thesis

HungryinLondon a dit…

much better!
did you by the way manage a couple of pages? I failed yesterday and therefore have to spent my Saturday in front of the computer (1/10 thesis time, 9/10 cruising stupid websites (yours excluded obviously), facebook and twitter. My IQ is declining by the minute.