... courtesy of MMM

... that's how quick things can go, sometimes - just a few days ago, on the other side of the Channel, 20 years Maison Martin Margiela, the exhibition.

And today, the very intimate, reduced presentation of MMM's Artisanal collection in the studio ("artisanal" is not an empty promise, apparently) of the MMM immeuble in Paris.

Très animal, very subdued, many hours of work (all of which are meticulously listed in the press release - just as they were in the exhibition captions). Very conceptual and yet totally wearable garments. A bit over the top, but so Viennese in a way (people who I ask what strikes them about Vienna's fashion scene when they go there usually mention the tremendous amount of very well-dressed, sometimes to the point of looking eccentric, old ladies - well there'll be plenty of the raw material that these boots were made from in their cupboard...) - these biker boots made from customised reptile leather handbags ...

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