Paris shop windows: David Lynch/Galeries Lafayette...

... it's fashion week in Paris, and this means - obviously - that everybody who's somebody in the fashion biz tries to come up with something special.

So the Bon Marché just opened a marvellous Guy Bourdin exhibition (with a lot of celebrities attending the opening), Maria Luisa makes fashion furore with a shop-in-shop sales point at Printemps.

Meanwhile, and next door, David Lynch created shopwindow designs (or let's call them installations) for eleven "vitrines" at the Galeries Lafayette.

Sorry for the quality of these pictures, btw., but taking a picture of a shop window is quite a tricky thing. The mirror that yields you back into the realm of your desires. Or something...

Definitely something that attracts the attention of the (massive number of) passers-by. With the presence of fashion being very, uhm, subtle.

But then again, fashion concerns so many aspects of life. It doesn't always have to be over-explicit...

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