Anne-Marie Herckes @ The Box

... after some pouring rainfalls yesterday morning, and on my way to a friend's flooded place (because of her neighbour, not the rain - there was a roof, after all...), I had time for a stopover at the very dark and yet somehow exquisite-looking tradeshow THE BOX (you cannot help wondering HOW ON EARTH exhibitors and buyers stay alert during the long hours they spend in these frequently ENORMOUS halls with corridors and corridors of stands and booths).

It was on my MUST-SEE MUST-DO list because of dear Anne-Marie Herckes, whose latest mini-couture creations I absolutely wanted to check out.

Earlier this summer, she had immediately reacted after the death of Michael J. and created a tribute brooch (well, if there's no concert, you'll need a brooch...). Now, there is a celebrity trio consisting of Madonna, Mick Jagger and MJ.

Besides that, there are Annemarie's by now familiar hommages to cities, I absolutely hearted NY.

Crocodiles and tennis rackets alluded to the dream couple of tennis, Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi (through the Louis Vuitton bias, there is a very strong fashion reference...).

And, there were lots of chains with little bows attached, very colourful. And particularly sought after, even by Annemarie's colleagues exhibiting next door - uhm, next booth...

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