naturaleza muerta: SLVR travel pack

... apart from the fact that I always found the Romance language expressions for still life, i.e. "nature morte" or, more dramatic even (due to the language's innate character, I guess) "naturaleza muerta" etc., particularly impressive AND also remembering that in German before the ever so confusing new orthography (sorry to go on about that kind of things) the old spelling "Stilleben" for what has now become "Stillleben" of course could lead to the erroneous temptation to think that the "still life" is actually a "style life" and make people ridiculously mispronounce the word but, uhm, where was I, yes, adidas SLVR has come out with a travel pack and even though I'm not really fanatically convinced of the aesthetic qualities of the SLVR collection, they're doing this really nice STILL LIFE (so that's the point I was trying to make, here we go again...) photo campaign which absolutely reminded me of my own little style-bricolage and collage and yet again we see how small this post-modern world (ha! ha!) is and how the same idea can get into so manifold and different minds. Even though I admit that my little arrangements lack in perfection when compared to the commercial thingy but you know...

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