Awareness & Consciousness spring 2010

... on a damp and warm autumn (?) day where I was almost show-free I went and visited Christiane Gruber, the designer of Awareness & Consciousness, in her showroom.
The spring 2010 collection of her label recombines tailored elements and cuts from previous collections - a decision the designer took because it allowed her to focus on refining the printing technique that is the signature element of her work ever since she started her own fashion brand in 2005.
Christiane's colour range for spring 2010

A powdery solution giving a saturated brown tone consists of colour pigments of yellow, blue and red. Varying methods of dipping the cloth into colour solutions lead to unique and ever-changing results.

New and eye-catching extension of the beautiful collection for spring 2010: chains with agate pendants which joyfully reflect the organic free-floating patterns of the characteristic Awareness & Consciousness prints - and are a beautiful showroom decoration, hanging against the light that shimmers through the outer glass wall...

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