... still working hard to recollect all my impressions from Paris Fashion Week (for the high-fashion part, and the international one, please consult the newspaper and its supplement), so now let's talk about Eva Buchleitner's latest collection ...

With her label Eva Blut, Eva designs clever and solution-oriented accessories that aren't only of help if you want to carry your stuff around, they're also really beautiful.

When I met Eva outside the Vienna Fashion Week veneue, we talked about how difficult it was to find nice-looking back-packs. Really, that's so true - somehow it seems impossible to bridge the gap between casual street and sportswear and boring leather pouches dangling off your spine.

In her spring 2011 collection, Eva presented some very nice back-pack solutions, and versatile they are, too. She also continues her new "Cubism" line in new colours. The belts (or shall we call them corsets?) are real eye-catchers, don't you find ...

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