... what a beautiful spring collection created by the fabulous duo Agnes and Filip from the Vienna-based fashion label HARTMANN NORDENHOLZ. There are lots of what I'd almost call their signature aesthetic prints, in a new colour range that provides for a decidedly animalesque look ...

... so if you cannot quite bring yourself to buying any of those rather doubtful leopard prints, go for this abstract tiger.

Also lovely, season after season, the pleated and folded HN bags, the half-moon shaped croissant shoulder bag is particularly beautiful, I should think.

Another very prominent Viennese designer and shop-owner (no names here) who was visiting Agnes and Filip when I popped in was kind enough to hold this relaxed and Nordic looking (Nordic looking? well, somehow you'll be clever enough to sense what I mean) shirt-dress for me. Ah, and the - shall we call it a dinner jacket? In gold! Wonderful, just wonderful ...

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Ute@HungryinLondon a dit…

yellow just makes me look so pale... I think I will let the tiger-print trend pass me by.

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