BIJOUX Bischur

... I was very happy to see that Sonja Bischur, who recently launched her own homepage (welcome to virtuality, I say), re-appeared in Paris during fashion week with her delicate, clever, beautiful and very nice-to-look-at collection for spring 2011.

Recently, Sonja remained absent from Parisian showrooms, which is a totally valid decision of course, but I do think that her contribution to contemporary jewellery design is so important and so notable that it's good to see her back on the international scene. And it would be even better so see her collection stocked in one or two shops. Or a dozen, as for that.

I particularly liked her textile-metal blend in the massive chains she designed, which came in an interwoven version as well as a half-and-hald interpretation of the main theme. The more fragile-looking pieces were shown hanging rather than laid out, and these are definitely for the grand occasion - and suffice to make a valid fashion statement. No need for the red carpet robe, a Bischur necklace, a plain catsuit, and you're dressed...

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