... as it were, this young gentleman called Hien Le (he lives in Berlin, and his family is of Vietnamese descent, if I'm not totally wrong) ab-so-lutely does a wonderful job in fashion - and he does it since very recently.

naturally, I was not capable of capturing the finesse of these garments' tailoring

I mean, that depends a little on how you define "doing a job in fashion", because actually Hien worked for the Berlin-based agency V before remembering that ACTUALLY he had at some point studied fashion design because he wanted to work as a fashion designer.

lookbook images by Christoph Schemel

All the better, I say. I know Hien because he's a good friend of the sister of a great friend of mine (sounds more improbable than it is, actually), so the whole fashion thing only comes as a side-effect. We went to see Hien at Tranoï last week and, after all I'd read about his new vision and mission on the Les Mads blog (or online magazine or whatever it is), I must say, I was NOT disappointed nor were expectations too high.

A very good eye for proportions, high-class materials, and attention paid to refined details make a very fine, reduced, minimalistic collection. Looking forward to the seasons to come.

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