... finally - and what feels like years after the end of Paris fashion week (really, the internet does change our perception of time - and absolutely so in the context of fashion journalism; in the print media I won't be able to use these images before next February, and then I'll probably have forgotten about them...) - my last little #austrianfashion report from Paris.

At the Première Classe tradeshow I visited Klaus Mühlbauer at his company's booth, and among all the renewed Mühlbauer classics that headwear-aficionados cherish so much, there were some softer, and very flowery (even though my first thought was "tutti frutti" - which would have given them a Brazilian touch), hat models.

I think someone told me (I've got my sources, you know...) that since Klaus didn't find a pattern that suited him, a custom-made flower arrangement was photographed for this collection.

And, since we're already talking about accessories here, wouldn't we just love to carry around next year's shopping in the flowery flowery bag ...

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