... it's a small world, ours, really. As for the art world, with contemporary art being a truly global AND fashionable phenomenon of course, it's an even smaller one, apparently. So, when we strolled through 798 Art District in Beijing this summer, we bumped into AnniArt gallery, which beckoned out to us with a funny looking plastic crocodile on the façade and a mock car made of mock bricks that had been put outside.

Both objects (correct me if I'm wrong) were part of the exhibition "Terraplastic Army" by (Lower) Austrian artist Rainer Prohaska, who had participated in several residency programmes in Beijing.

Once inside, the exhibition continued in just as gleeful a manner, and I also found out that AnniArt was the venue where the cross-cultural exhibition mifan had taken place in 2009 - a group show with works by Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek, G.R.A.M., Nikolaus Gansterer, Gerald Nestler + Sylvia Eckermann, Michael Hoepfner, Ulrike Johannsen, Ronald Kodritsch, Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Matthias Meinharter + Nikolaus Gansterer, Ralo Mayer, Matthias Meinharter, Rainer Prohaska, Kamen Stojanov, Kerstin Von Gabei. Amazing, in a way. And the world really is a small place, artsy or not, global or not ...

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