not the most representative way of photographing Plus Size Fashion ...

... an article I wrote about the interesting (and largely neglected) topic of Plus Size Fashion came out yesterday. For everyone familiar with the German tongue, it's online on the newspaper's website.

I just wanted to add - the fact that it took Roberto Cavalli's press office in Milan two days until they were able to even confirm the fact that the Cavalli plus size collection Class White Label exists is, well, absurd.

And the fact that the Cologne-based shop owners who photographed the Cavalli plus size clothes for their own PR purposes and who distribute the collection exclusively in Germany (in the whole world? I found only German-language websites referring to Class White Label...), so the fact that they photographed the clothes on hangers and stands - not even plus size mannequins - is also, well bizarre. To say the least. Shying away from what, we are, here? ...

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