... no, this isn't about Mrs. Elsa Klensch (a person entirely, and successfully, devoted to finding out all about the sense of style, as we all know), this is about a wonderful competition which I would like to participate in, or watch, or judge, or whatever... I'd love to BUT I'll be in the United States when it takes place.

all images courtesy of Caritas/Carla

So this is for all the Vienna peple out there who like dressing up and are into an entertaining vintage fashion look - Carla, aka the Caritas Vienna fashion store, invites future Styling Kings and Queens to enlist for a competition that will take place on October 21.

The principle is simple: you choose what you like, you wear what you choose, and the audience will vote for you (or it won't). Wonderful - fashion should be about fun, sometimes, and not only during carnival...

3 commentaires:

carmen a dit…

danke, was ein toller tip! hab ich gleich vorgemerkt.

daniel_k a dit…

eine mehr als würdige vertretung ;)

carmen a dit…

viel lieber wäre ich mit dir gemeinsam dort aufgetreten :=)aber allein trau ich mich nicht...und werde mich hinter meiner kamera verstecken.

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