FRISS is fresh.

... a couple of weeks ago I spent a (transit) day in the adorable city that is Budapest before taking the plane to Beijing.

Of course, usually, when you spend some hours in a place you like but only vaguely know, little is the chance of stumbling into a truly interesting event: how lucky were we, then, to attend the opening of the FRISS 2010 exhibition at the Kogart art centre on Andrássy út.

Paper Dolls, by Klara Petra Szabó, 2010

Friss, in Hungarian, means "fresh" - so this was a show with works by young graduates from art university. The show was a colourful pick and mix of various approaches, and I did like quite some of the artworks on display. For example, Klara Petra Szabó's Paper Dolls. You can find about Klara Petra on her blog - and on her virtual exhibition space on the website of Saatchi gallery.

Dóra Szenteleki's rather apocalyptic installation "Zéta" (2010)

Unfortunately, the Kogart website isn't as informative as one might like it to be, but click through the Friss blog to familiarise yourself with some more representatives of Hungary's young art scene ...

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