... true, oh so true - the wonderful designers behind superated, Peter and Christian (who I regularly bump into on my way home from my yoga classes ... charming pavement stoppers, if I may say so), were addressed as "Vienna insiders" by Insiderei.com and answered some standardized interview questions.

I can only agree where it comes to their statement concerning the total absence of 24 h shops and remaining infrastructure:

"Shops that are open 24 hours a day or at least until midnight. That's why we always go to the famous Wurstelstand on Hoher Markt 4 - sausages sure are tasty, but they're far from being healthy, and you don't always want to eat wurstel."

ParisVienne is totally d'accord - and would like to add that the very handy Turkish bakery Gül on Wienzeile is virtually always open - and it's right around the corner from the superated / Samstag premises...

Tip: the superated fashion show is part of MQ Vienna Fashion Week and starts at 9 pm.

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