... aaaaand another biennial art event coming our way: the infamous Belleville quarter in Paris hosts its very own art biennial between September 10 and October 23.

works by Jochen Lempert are on show at Café au Lit (from the Bird series, 1997 - 1999)

Since a great many independent art galleries (independent not in the sense of those who moved from the Marais to rue Louise Weiss and back again...) and institutions are based in Belleville, or let's say the 19th as well as the 20th arrondissement, the overall programme is indeed quite comprehensive. Please note that most openings will take place on September 9.

Swetlana Heger, Future Works, 2005 (court. galerie Triple V, Paris)

What initially caught my eye was the invitation sent over by Café au Lit, where photo works by Jochen Lempert will be on show. On the biennial's website I found out that Swetlana Heger, who I interviewed ages ago, will also participate. And the work by Australian art combo A Constructed World does definitely make me curious, too.

ACW, Adam & Eve, 2010 (court. A Constructed World)

Since the Belleville biennial will continue in October and during fashion week time, this is also something that fashionistas (how I hate the word, why can't I stop using it???) may well write down in their respective agendas ...

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carmen a dit…

hallo! eine kurze frage:
hinter welchem link verbirgt sich denn das flugticket nach paris???

daniel_k a dit…

die kooperation mit air france hat diesmal leider nicht geklappt, das ticketabo kommt dann demnächst in einer exklusiven verlosung für meine drei leser/innen ;)

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