SCARE me that CROW

Like a joke, really - Stéphane Rolland (left) and Maison Martin Margiela contributed to the scarecrow installation in Palais Royal in July upon invitation by Masters of Linen.

... delay, delay, what a delay: when I was in Paris for the fall 2010 Haute Couture shows, *this* (lack of words?) was going on in Palais Royal. Scarecrows, created (or decorated) by fashion designers (eg. Maison Martin Margiela, Mr. "little black dress" Didier Ludot, Stéphane Rolland, Roberto Cavalli).

I think the godmother of all bloggers, you know, the lady with the black veil (how embarrassing: I was seated next to her at Gaultier couture. At a certain point, everyone got up to watch Dita vT perform - and the lady in black actually sat down before me. Stupid little me forgot to check whether the veil had come to lie on my chair when I sat down again. Sure enough, it had. I'll leave it to your imagination just *what* happened when the veiled lady tried to get up *before* I did...), already blogged about this back then.

What do you consider to be more scary: Didier Ludot's scarecrow dress, or Roberto Cavalli's ugly-as-ever, hideous little thingy?

Still, I would like to proudly share with you my images, too. Asking myself, actually, whether creating fashion for scarecrows (the idea alone seems like a joke to me! aren't there better ways of stageing the innovative nature of linen and hemp? no?? isn't that an absurd mise en scène of the eco/alternative fashion cliché??? scarecrows????) isn't what some representatives of the floppy and shabby look do anyhow ...

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