... when I recently mentioned Jeanne Beker, I remembered just *how much* I adored the show she produces and hosts for Canada's CTV - "Fashion TV" (*not* to be mistaken for the tv channel of the same name though). What a surprise when I checked out the website: FTV just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Well, congratulations. And: the special episode looking back on a quarter of a century in fashion can be watched online - here. Definitely a good one.

Really, back in the late eighties and early nineties, when I first realized that I had a special interest in fashion, and long before the Internet turned into a household good (no internet, nor computers - Commodore and Atari R.I.P.) - these moving images (and the ones that could be seen on Style on CNN) really made my week.

Naturally, television had to give up some of its influence and grandeur because of the tremendous impact of the Internet. Yet, it still is a very influential media, with lots of money behind (the monetary effect being a bit problematic for the Internet, as we all know all too well...).

I think that to make people more responsive to fashion, it has to take place on TV also. And not just in some kind of flimsy society format.

On Austrian television, traditionally, in that respect, there is nought. And that reflects itself in the inexistent fashion sensibility, on a larger scale. And that's a shame, in my humble opinion.

Anyone out there who fancies a change? ...

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