... maybe I'm sometimes a bit slow in realizing things, and the death of Lee Alexander McQueen was so unexpected, and I was so busy with so many things, and on the Internet everybody was expressing their grief so incredibly fast, that only now, as things settle down a little bit, I realize what this really means for fashion aesthetics - I bought the special edition of L'Officiel hors série Alexander McQueen in Paris, and I remembered how striking it was to see this quite outstanding talent hit the fashion scene in the mid-nineties, just before I started studying literature at university and when I was still an assiduous but rather untalented student at some kind of low profile fashion college (being more of an academic type, it was wiser for me to drop out, actually), and so I really really really only now and very slowly understand that a very vital part of the whole understanding I had of fashion is about to disappear forever...

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