... after rereading the review of Anne-Valérie Hash's fall 2010 collection on style.com, I must actually express my surprise about a very bizarre statement Nicole Phelps chose to weave into her article:

"Hash revisited the shiny technical fabric
she used for Spring to create
blousy T-shirts and accordion-pleated minis for evening.
it was a bit perplexing
to see so much sheer fabric (and exposed skin)
on a female designer's runway.

Excuse-me, but where does that lead us? That it's, as opposed to a "female designer", a "male designer's" privilege to cater to women who want to "expose their skin" or wear "sheer fabric"?

I'm aware of the stress it means to have to deliver runway reviews immediately after seeing so many shows, and that by the time a fashion critic arrives in Paris for the RTW fall collections, they've been to Paris HC, New York, London and Milan RTW - so they're probably pretty exhausted.

And yet, I suggest that certain implicit sexist clichés be avoided regardless of fatigue and exhaustion...

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without.words a dit…

mich wundert diesbezüglich gar nix mehr. es ist eben (leider in den meisten fällen) wie im mitelalter ;-)
und warum hat noch niemand bei diesem tollen post kommentiert?!
-eine kollegin verbleibt ohne worte

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