... years and years and years ago, when I spent some time in Buenos Aires (and adorable city, I don't know whether I enjoyed any other city as much as I did Buenos Aires - ANYHOW...), I ran into this really nice little shop on the first floor of Idon'trememberwhatitwas, where I bought an absolutely comfy t-shirt...

... which I still own and like for its long sleeves and cozy feel (admittedly, the overall aesthetics may be a wee little bit on the trashy side, but you know...), so just imagine how nice I found it to come across the website of the LUPAS ROPAS fashion label. Apparently, the brand still exits and is doing better than ever. Be sure to check it out, just in case Bs. As. is on your travel map (and you like wearing t-shirts, naturally). Re maravilloso...

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