... finally a fashion-free day in freezing Paris, and despite the fact that SUNDAY is not a good museum day in this overcrowded metropolis, headed off to the MUSEE MAILLOL for a change, to check out the exhibition VANITES.

It was all about the vanity motif, which means certain aesthetic compositions for the baroque period and the centuries thereafter, whilst more recent positions in art history picked up on the topic from a mereley ornamental WE LIKE TO WORK WITH SKULLS angle, which was consequently given a lot of place in the show.

Alexander McQueen fall 2010 menswear via gq.com - as we all know, the late designer liked to worked with the skull as a very central motif, too.

The mix of old and new artworks in the "les classiques" section was definitely a good idea. Very entertaining, as it reminded me of that melon carving fling I'd had just recently, Dimitri Tsykalov's fruit and vegetable carvings (apart from the watermelon featured here, there were eggplant, apple and cabbage)...

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