... we all know that the weather (at least in Vienna, but I guess in pretty many places) is spring-like, sunny and warm. Well, why would I post something about Henrik Vibskov's (moreover all too well-known) umbrellas for Quinny at such a moment?

Let me tell you - I presently feel like a dog left out in the rain. Fact is, I found out some minutes ago that I was relegated to the rank of second co-author in an article that is 100 % mine. Feels like a scene in a cheesy Hollywood film about a journalist's absurd life (okay, self-pity stop). All you magazine contributors, journalists, stylists, photographers, graphic artists out there - has anything like that ever happened to you? And how did you react? How does one react to such a thing?

Meanwhile, since the rainy and somewhat foul mood has kicked in, I'll just take the occasion and post this collage of different and very dark Hunter Boots - and I love Hunter wellingtons - that brings together the festival boot 2009 (top left), the special Jimmy Choo for Hunter Boots crocodile print version (bottom left), the brandnew model Carnaby boa (top right, probably inspired by the success of the one-off collaboration with Jimmy Cho), and the preview of Hunter's festival boot for 2010 (bottom right) - all straps and reptiles, actually.

The good thing about fashion is - it can even make you find reasons for taking to bad weather (hu?) ...

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