... just read the dangerously hagiographic article about Carine Roitfeld published in the lifestyle supplement of Germany's weekly newspaper Die Zeit, and also, bought (desperately late, I know, but there has been a lot of talk about it just recently in Austria as it was published in German a month or so ago) Catherine Millet's second novel "Jour de souffrance" in Paris, and was therefore induced to ask myself whether these two women, the editors-in-chief of two very renowned French magazines, two institutions of visual culture, meet and mingle, and if so, in what ways.

Catherine Millet is the infamous director of art press, of course, and she was the protagonist of a literary scandal after publishing her shockingly (or unnecessarily?) detailed sexual biography "La vie sexuelle de Catherine M." at a point when French literature was all about sex (Houellebecq, Beigbeder etc.). So here we've got the uninhibited intellectual, a f***-them-all parvenue, somehow, who - and we all know that France is very much about hierarchies and strictly regulated castes - incarnates the well-to-do artsy bonne société...

... whilst the other one, Carine Roitfeld, is the sexy looking rock'n'roll chick, the ever so hip stylist who made it to the top of VOGUE Paris, the hexagon's most important fashion magazine (and one of the most important fashion mags in the world, as for that), an apparently very likeable, "abordable", unpretentious person whose qualities a lot of people like to praise.

So, what happens when the two of them meet? The intellectual sex-maniac and the sexy fashion adviser (Roitfeld was invited by French industry minister Christian Estrosi to direct a newly founded institution for the support of French fashion talents) - do they meet at all? do they speak to each other? are they good friends? Just wondering...

NOTE: This doesn't really have anything to do with what I just wrote, but there has been a lot of bewilderment recently as to WHY Carine Roitfeld was banned from Balenciaga (I think Bryanboy almost broke down when he heard about it...) - Fashionista now claims to have the correct explanation. Is it all about Max Mara?...

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