FEMME MAISON by George and Franziska

... wonderful visuals, I say. While I am currently unable to move my neck (yoga-induced inflexibility, initially triggered by severe email-shock suffered last Tuesday), I am being consoled by marvellous images that hit my mailbox.

George Bezhanishvili and Franziska Fürpass called on their partners in crime Andreas Waldschütz (photos) and Adia Trischler (modelling) to produce this sneak preview of their Louise Bourgeois-inspired collection "Femme Maison", which they will take to Paris this autumn and which already catapulted them into the final of Bilbao's fashion festival.

Showcased here are a persian imitate "Black Fur Coat" with ruffled backside and a gray linen dress. The striking structured surface of the dress reflects the approach of this very promising design duo for the coat that made it to Bilbao.

Wonderful and - I'm sure that there is much more where this came from...

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