... I'm already looking forward to the exhibition "DIAGHILEV AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE BALLETS RUSSES, 1909 - 1929", which will open at the Victoria & Albert in London this autumn.

a costume by Léon Bakst for Firebird, 1910

We all know how influentiall the ballet company was not only in the context of dance itself but also for fashion (think Poiret via Léon Bakst) and indeed, beauty and makeup.

Anna Pavlova

Dancers the likes of Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky are still intricately linked with the Ballets Russes, and they were without a doubt internationally renowned celebrities of their day.

Vaslav Nijinsky in L'après-midi d'un faune, by Léon Bakst

Now, the curatorial team at the Victoria & Albert museum are still conducting research and collecting exhibits and would be happy for anyone owning Ballets Russes-related pieces that they would like to contribute to the exhibition to contact them by writing to j.pritchard@vam.ac.uk ...

Vaslav Nijinsky

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