Public Art competition - create a statement for Vienna's Karl Lueger square

... the deadline for the competition initiated by Luegerplatz.com, which invites creatives and artists to submit projet ideas for a monument to be erected on Vienna's Karl Lueger square, has been delayed: it is possible to submit project ideas until March 31.

Karl Lueger was a notoriously antisemitic mayor of the city of Vienna (from 1897 to 1910), who, as a founder of Austria's Christian Social Party, a precursor of today's Austrian People's Party, enjoys unbroken popularity in a certain political camp.

The initiative Luegerplatz.com points out how it is inadmissible that a square should still bear his name, with a monument celebrating his merits and achievements. Instead, Luegerplatz.com pleads for the installation of a monument against antisemitism on this very square (which should urgently change its name).

Times goes by, and things don't necessarily change as quickly as one would like them to do, alas...

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