Katharina and Diane

... I posted this so long ago, when nobody was reading my blog (I mean, it's not like this has changed since then), and when looking for something on my blog recently I came across these images again.

Actually, this may well have been my one and only (I think) attempt at becoming a street photographer to date, and I even cheated, cos the beautiful youg lady I photographed was not a stranger but my dear friend Katharina after un petit café we had together in central Vienna.

Katharina proudly, or rather: very casually, as she is as casual as lovely a person , sported the WONDER WOMAN bag by good old Diane von Fürstenberg that she had bought in NY - handsigned by Diane, actually (Katharina is known to mingle with rather important people, at times... ;)). And since Diane seems to be a very practial person, she dedicated the bag to Katharina, and her daughter Alma: for the hand-me-down days to come...

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