Kitsch as kitsch can: Kitschaward 09

seashell china I adore, (c) Anna Mayer

... my dear cousin brought my attention to the annual KITSCH AWARD organised by Wolfgang Strauß and Igor Petkovic. Unluckily, I missed this year's award cereomony bringing together the country's most remarkable collectors (and even creators...) of kitsch.

Eva Kleemair'S lovely picture postcard construction

Fantastic. I do absolutely adore kitsch. Positively.

whatever it may be... (c) Josef Lipscha

Check out the website for a comprehensive overview of all the nominees, or if you live somewhere near Weiz, an exhibition showcasing a selection of the best kitsch from 2009 is open until Sunday Feb. 14 in the local Kunsthaus.

a lollipop right through my heart... (c) Michaela Grabner

What a great Valentine's gift, a kitsch exhibition visit...

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