... we all know about the inherent dynamics of fashion and the potential of temporary shops etc etc. (we all know about this, among other things, because I recently covered the topic in quite an extensive article ...) Anyhow, up next is a three-day pop-up-store initiated by young designers Rani Bageria and Leonie Leuenberger, both of which are extraordinarily talented and have got a lot of things to show (and sell) off. I would vividly recommend, therefore, that you pay them a visit in Rauhensteingasse 5, 1010 Wien, from Dec. 16 - 18, 10 am - 7 pm - and I hope that we're gonna see more of these young ladies very, very soon ...

Images from Leonie Leuenberger's graduate collection
at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (2009). Leonie went on
to work as chief designer for the Slovenian fashion label Oktober after graduating.

... après avoir publié un article récemment dans lequel je m'intéresse au potentiel et à l'importance des modèles de magasin temporaires, je suis tout à fait ravi de vous annoncer que les deux jeunes designers Rani Bageria et Leonie Leuenberger vont montrer (et vendre) ensemble leurs collections, donc chacune la sienne dans un local sis Rauhensteingasse 5, 1010 Vienne, du 16 au 18 décembre, de 10 à 19 heures, et après ce que j'en ai vu jusqu'à maintenant, c'est vraiment extraordinaire et ça promet ! ...

Images from Rani Bageria's work for the German knitwear label Hui Hui (2007, photo: Daniel Sannwald).
Rania graduated from the Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2007. After graduating, she worked as a knitwear designer
for Chloé in Paris for a year. She is now back in Vienna.

... vi posso annunciare con grande gioia che le due designer Rani Bageria e Leonie Leuenberger vendranno le loro collezioni a Vienna nell'ambito di un cosiddetto pop-up-store , e vi posso assicurare che la qualità del lavoro delle due è assolutamente straordinaria, ragione per cui direi vale proprio fare un salto alla Rauhensteingasse 5, dal 16 al 18 dicembre, dalle 10 alle 19 ...

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