Veronique Branquinho for Camper

... once you've been in (or let's say: even just near...) the fashion biz for a while, you realise that - apart from the superstars that keep floating high on their inaccessible clouds (CK, KL, DK, HL, whoever...), there seems to be a nice little rotation system affecting competitions, and university chairs, and design collaborations.

To make a long story short: Vienna uni's last professor (and, alas!, bankrupt designer) Veronique Branquinho joins Vienna uni's current designer Bernhard Willhelm in the racing stable of Spanish shoemakers Camper, as she has designed a capsule collection of men's shoes that will hit the stores next spring. Who's next (there is something I could tell you, but I won't right now, and I won't do it here...), we ask ourselves...

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