Christmas Calendar, a shiny one...

... ever since I met her (by chance, I happened to be in Graz for an interview and popped into her very inviting shop) and then caught up with her to conduct a little interview for an article about childrenswear, I much appreciate the work and taste and cosy approach of Nina Schanitz, the designer behind the label BuaMädscha and the shop Blendend in Graz (Mariahilferstrasse 24).

Now, Nina let me know (and I think I won't be able to go to Graz for the pre-Christmas season, things are so busy these days) that she opened an Advent calendar in her shop window, where 24 works by 24 artists/creatives etc. will be shown.

Not to forget about Nina's own collection, and the possibility to enrol at a sewing course - and that, ladies and gents, is the one thing to do if you want to get in tune with these hard and verrry DIY times...

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perhaps she could give a sewing coures in Vienna? I should refresh my skills.. enchanting interior, by the way..

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