Copenhagen knitwear

... kind of sarcastic: as we're about to witness the failure of negotiations in Copenhagen and wildly sign up to international lists of supporters that try to collect digital signatures for petitions attempting to change the way things are ...

... the fashion world can sit back and relax, cos Vivienne Westwood just designed a beautiful t-shirt in collaboration with Anvil knitwear, made from recycled polyester or something (THUS: green...) - unfortunately, the pr people forgot to specify whether proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to Rainforest Nation (the organization the collaboration wants to support), or whether the garments are just meant to be worn by militants during the climate summit...

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Fr.Jona&son a dit…

jedes engagement ist wichtig.
auch schöne shirts.
obwohl es interessant wäre zu wissen, wer das geld kriegt.

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