stock stock stock sale

... I'm probably the last one to post it (but since we all know: blogging is not ALWAYS about being original omg! did I just say that, actually really...???, sometimes it may be about passing things on, kind of a téléphone arabe, what's it called, ah, Chinese whispers - no? showing that you're in the loop, too, and in the know, and in the now...), but I do still post it (and plan on going there, as a matter of fact).

My darling designers Claudia Rosa Lukas, Edith A'Gay, Hartmann Nordenholz, Elfenkleid and superated sell their sample collections this Friday and Saturday at Heiligenkreuzerhof in Vienna, 12.00 - 20.00 on Friday and 12.00 - 18.00 on Saturday. Join the party, yeah yeah...

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Fr.Jona&son a dit…

ich wäre auch gerne da.

michaela a dit…

wann gehst du denn hin?

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