Christmas time, reading time...? YOU WISH

... and a quick look at the part of my bookshelf where I put away this totally breathtakingly find from a Parisian bouquinerie UNIVERS HOMOSEXUEL * IMPUISSANCE ET FRIGIDITÉ (what a catchy title! - I'm quite afraid I'll never bring myself to reading this one) as well as the half-empty case of Benjamin's Passagenwerk and Manzoni's Promessi sposi, alongside the only book in Romanian language I own (purchased as an attempt to find out about my capacity to actually READ a longer text la româneste) - and I wonder, will there be time for me to ever read these books? Hope is the last to die, you know...

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I like your blog!
each day one comment..think, I won`t keep this promise :-(

daniel_k a dit…

oh, *blush* all the same ;)

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